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Rapid, Automated, Point-of-Care System (RapiDx)

Lab-on-a-Chip Technology for Portable Medical Diagnostics

Photo of RapiDx device

The Rapid, Automated Point-of-Care System (RapiDx) developed by Sandia National Laboratories is a portable diagnostic instrument. RapiDx quickly measures—with high sensitivity—disease and toxin biomarkers in human biological samples (e.g., blood, saliva, urine) so that patient ailments can be quickly diagnosed and treated. RapiDx is an ideal instrument for point-of-care diagnostics of disease and toxin detection in health clinics and on the field.

The Challenge

Detecting protein signatures (biomarkers) of disease before symptoms appear is crucial for early intervention and is typically much more effective—and less costly—than late-stage treatments, especially for cancer, infectious disease, and biotoxin exposure. Current diagnostic methods lack the sensitivity necessary to detect key low-abundance protein biomarkers present in bodily fluids. In addition, these methods are too expensive to be used for a large-panel biomarker screen.

The Solution

The RapiDx large-panel biomarker screening platform represents the new paradigm in diagnostics where the focus lies on preemptive or very early-stage detection of disease, rather than on reactionary, postsymptomatic approaches.

RapiDx provides the advances necessary to create a large-panel biomarker screen that is sensitive, rapid, cost-effective, and available at the point of care (POC). RapiDx is a self-contained, automated device that can rapidly measure up to 64 biomarkers at once using microliters of blood, saliva, or other bodily fluids. RapiDx has been used to detect subpicomolar concentrations of biotoxins and infectious disease agents, oral or periodontal disease biomarkers, inflammation and immune response, and biomarkers for monitoring astronaut health. The flexibility of the immunoassay platform positions RapiDx to impact the early detection of other diseases, including prostate and other cancers, traumatic brain injuries, and cardiac injuries.

No other device is currently suitable for addressing national-security issues such as the screening of potential victims in a bioterrorism event or the rapid assessment of troops in a battle zone. If a crowd is exposed to dangerous biotoxins, the exposed population can be rapidly triaged with RapiDx for timely treatment—critical in such an event—while conserving valuable health resources and saving lives.

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The Future

As a result of the RapiDx platform, a typical visit to the clinic will soon involve routine screening for cancer, heart disease, infections, exposure to toxic materials, and other potentially fatal conditions where early detection is critical to protecting patient health. The ability to rapidly detect multiple biomarkers—coupled with extremely low assay cost, extraordinary sensitivity, portability, and automated function—defines the RapiDx platform as the leading player in the POC biomarker screening arena.

More Information

Learn more about RapiDx and the opportunity to partner with Sandia in bringing RapiDx to the commercial marketplace:

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