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Anson Hatch, Ph.D.

Photo of Anson Hatch

Research Scientist
Biotechnology and Bioengineering Department

(925) 294-6291 /

Research Summary

My primary research focus is the realization of comprehensive lab-on-a-chip approaches for rapidly detecting biomolecules that are present in trace quantities within complex biofluids and matrixes, such as blood, saliva, or extracted cells. Our group is developing a number of on-chip capabilities, including sample preparation, sample concentration, buffer exchange, mixing, chemical reactions, separation, and quantitative fluorescence-based detection strategies. Key projects include developing portable medical diagnostics for the presymptomatic detection of disease, infection, or intoxication. We emphasize the use of systems engineering to realize these self-contained deployable devices. Additional projects are investigating microfluidic systems as research tools to understand infection and host response and to facilitate rapid and low-cost biomarker discovery and verification. Specific technology advancements have included preconcentration, mixing, and reactions at size-exclusion membranes integrated with gel electrophoretic separations on-chip for protein immunoassays or sizing by SDS PAGE. We have also developed microscale immobilized pH gradients for high-resolution isoelectric focusing. My doctoral thesis work focused primarily on the novel diffusion-based analysis of binding interactions enabled by low Reynolds number flow conditions within microchannels. Additional contributions were made in the area of on-chip valving and pumping with ferromagnetic fluids and anhydrous storage of proteins on-chip.

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Current and Recent Projects

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Recent Publications

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Selected Presentations, Conference Proceedings

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  1. Use of liquid junction potentials for electrophoresis without applied voltage in a microfluidic channel. U.S. Patent 7,141,429.
  2. Microscale diffusion immunoassay. U.S. Patent 6,541,213. April 2003.
  3. Magnetically actuated fluid handling devices for microfluidic applications. U.S. Patent 6,415,821. July 2002.
  4. Magnetically actuated fluid handling devices for microfluidic applications. U.S. Patent 6,408,884. June 2002.
  5. Nucleic acid arrays and methods of synthesis. U.S. Patent 6,284,497. September 2001.

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